Lectionary Lab Live

Lectionary Lab Live: Introduction to Preaching for Lent

February 5, 2016

The Two Bubbas are back, with biblical texts (if not whole Bibles!) in hand and ready to talk about preaching!

This is the introduction to a new series of podcasts, "Preaching the Gospel for Lent." We have a new format, approximately 15 minutes in length each week, that will stick mainly to the gospel portion of the text and focus on ideas for preaching. We hope you'll like it. 
Check out our weblog, lectionarylab.com, for a sermon from Delmer each week. And, be sure to let us hear from you with your comments, suggestions, and general well-wishes!
Music for this episode includes a new theme song, The Crawdad Stomp by Joshua Kirsch, as well as special musical guest Gene AutryThe Singing Cowboy, performing his classic tune, Back in the Saddle Again.